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Beauty Direct Response

A collection of all of our beauty products. Search for a specific spot above.

  1. Jidue

    Jidue is the ultimate way to get to sleep. In just 5 easy minutes, you can destress and relax after a busy day, and ward off the effects of staring at TV, phone and tablet screens all day. We blended the pitch with a modern approach to the ancient practices of massage and acupuncture. Combined with the star power of Forbes Riley, we got a strong response that we were able to partner with ICTV on to bring Jidue to the masses.

  2. Wahl Healthy Infusions Pro Straightener

    Wahl has been a leader in the hair styling and beauty industry for almost a decade, and they chose direct response as the best way to bring their innovative Healthy Infusions Pro Straightener to market. This show is loaded with testimonials and before and afters. Friendly and fun, we show women that they don't have to damage their hair when they straighten it thanks to Wahl.

  3. Epilique Makeup Cloth

    Epilique is the soft reusable cloth that you can use to remove makeup with only water. Since the product was well received by women when they were able to try it in-person, we devoted a major portion of the spot to a first time users package. We worked hard to blend beauty with demonstrable demos and some great B and A's. We ended up with a unique spot that reached women across the U.S.

  4. Frielle Pure Effects

    A five minute, live shopping style show for an instant wrinkle remover. We help break the viewers disbelief of the results by showing them real time, right before their very eyes. This is on top of a unique dispenser that protects the product from breaking down with exposure to air and light. We matched the clean look of the product with a clean looking set that makes sure the results of Frielle Clean Effects are what you remember.